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Trees, leaves, and blooms are the inspiration behind the newest scents, styles, and services popping up for spring.


Travel Light
The Lampada 108 by Dimorestudio ($23,185) is a study in contrasts and continent jumping. Centuriesold floral patterns of the Far East inspired the delicate shade, the chunky hardware harks back to the art deco era, and the whole thing was brought into existence by a celebrated Milanese design house. Adding yet another stamp to its passport, the light has landed in the Sacramento Street showroom of the Future Perfect.
3085 Sacaramento St. 

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Fashion Statements
Finnish design house Marimekko has stayed true to its roots since its launch in 1951, and, sure enough, its signature bold florals and graphic stripes adorn its new spring line. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Tasaraita (“even stripe”) print. The dual-color pattern of uniform lines symbolizes gender and age equality and is available on woven cotton for the first time (Napitus Tasaraita shirt, $295; Martha Unikko pants, $260).
180 El Camino Real, Palo Alto 

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Belly Up to the Flower Bar
The Boschettos were flower farmers in San Francisco more than 100 years ago. Today their great-grandson Matt Boschetto can be spotted cruising around the city in his vintage Ford Econoline pickup truck, its bed overflowing with fresh blooms. Matt and his wife, Emily, started Matilda’s Magnolias last year with the aim of supporting local flower growers and offering affordable DIY bouquets to budding flower lovers. In addition to making flower box deliveries (complete with step-by-step instructions for artfully arranging your stems), their truck doubles as a rolling flower bar that will be planting itself at a handful of local events this spring. 

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Smells Like Tree Spirit
San Francisco–based musician Heather D’Angelo (of Au Revoir Simone) has drifted between performance and perfumery over the last few years, venturing off into the rain forests to source botanical samples for her perfume label, Carta. The moena tree—whose leaves give off a woodsy, tropical aroma—inspired her debut scent, Moena 12/69, which was released in a limited edition of 300 bottles in December. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Camino Verde, the reforestation center in the Amazon where the moena grows. 

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Check out the slideshow above for floral-design lamps, bouquet delivery services, and tropical perfumes that have us saying hello to spring. 


Originally published in the March issue of San Francisco

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